All Flags are 3' x 5'
2 Grommets
$11.95 each

Regular Pirate Flag


Brethren of the Coast


Jack Rackham


The Beatings Will Continue...


Dead Men Tell No Tales


Time Flies When Having Rum


Special sale! Now through December 31, 2020!
Any 3 flags, just $30.

Any 3 Flags - $30.00 (Specify at Checkout)

Red Bandana


Skull & Swords

Temporarily Out of Stock


The Sparrow

Temporarily Out of Stock


Red Bandana With Border

Temporarily Out of Stock

Dead Man's Tricorner


Crimson Pirate


Surrender the Booty


Red Eye


Three Skulls


Rainbow Flag

Special sale through December 31, 2020!
Any 3 Flags, just $30!
Specify designs thru checkout.
$30 - 3 Flags for $30.




Stuff You Need To Know
Even if it's boring...

1.  TAPESTRY INFORMATION:  Tapestries are lightweight - comparable to a bedsheet in weight & thickness. All our tapestries are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, fade-resistant, and may be machine washed & dried. A 2% shrinkage is possible, but not likely. For best results, use low dryer heat or line-dry. Tapestries may be used for a lot of really cool things - bedspreads, wallhangings, sofa or chair covers, beach blankets & more.  If you have any questions about color or texture, EMAIL US prior to placing your order.  (They are also useful for hiding a body, but don't tell anyone).  
2.  CLOTHING INFORMATION:  On all clothing, be sure to check size and know your body measurements.  We will exchange an article of clothing ONCE, but only if the item is unworn, unwashed, tags intact, and no visible signs of abuse, such as what occurs when trying to cram one's body into a dress only big enough for one's thigh.  We know better.  Shame on us.
3.  PAYPAL SHOPPING CART  This page is designed to function with PayPal. If for any reason you are fussy and don't want to use the shopping cart, you can contact us directly to set up a different form of payment. We can process Visa & MasterCard, American Express & Discover through our offices  No personal checks, please. EMAIL US with any questions or to set up alternate payment, or if you're just bored and looking for something to do. 
4.  SHIPPING RATES: FOREIGN ORDERS!  We have recently implemented automated shipping calculations for our overseas customers, based on total weight of your order. If you have any additional questions or difficulties using the website, please EMAIL US prior to placing your order, so as to avoid additional delays, 'cuz we don't want to hear you whining if you don't read The Fine Print.
(I'd love to include automatic calculation for every country in the world, but can't figure out the code for the 'puter.)
5.  SHIPPING COMMENTS  We ship via USPS, Priority Mail to our US customers; and USPS Priority Mail to our overseas customers.  If you would like some other form of shipping, please EMAIL US prior to purchase to make other arrangements.
6.  RETURN POLICY:  Sorry, but we can no longer do refunds, 'cuz too many idjits nice folks ruined it. Sorry 'bout that - sincerely.    We offer exchanges for damaged merchandise only, within 10 days of purchase. All returns must have prior authorization, and must be returned in original packaging in a saleable condition. In the case of clothing, ALL TAGS MUST BE ATTACHED.  Any item that has obviously been worn, laundered or damaged will not be considered for refund. Contact us through e-mail for details.

While we are always happy to accept returns for damaged merchandise, we are also diligent in inspecting all items before they leave our offices, so your chance of receiving a damaged item is minimal. Because we are a small company, we cannot accept returns if you just don't like the item, so please choose carefully. Clothing customers, please check sizes and know your body measurements prior to purchase.

Shipping for all returns and exchanges is paid by the buyer.

Enjoy your new merchandise, and Be Cool!



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